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A one-click solution to increase user engagement and gross value. 

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Who needs PageCall API?

Offline tutoring

Q: Can I use PCA by itself?

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What is PageCall API?

PCA is an easy to implement software, that provides everything essential to an online classroom and allows education businesses to focus only on the curriculum.




Based on September 2019, we charge $0.05 per minute and receive payments once a month. 

For example, if you have used a total of 1000 minutes you will be charged $50 on the first day of the upcoming month. We are currently offering discount promotions for early adopters, as well as member-based plans. 

Please contact for additional information. 

*Note: Usage time is only calculated when 2 or more users are connected. The system will not calculate usage time when only 1 user is detected. Also less than 2 minutes of usage time will be accounted as an error and will not be charged.

$ 0.05 per mins

Customizable Features

• Video Conferencing

• Instant Messaging

• Page Sizing & Setting

• Scheduling

• Pen Tool

• Custom URL

PCA is a software for developers to use and is unfortunately unavailable as a stand-alone service. A webpage for teachers and students to access will be necessary in creating a complete service. However, if you would like to try PCA’s features, check out

Q: We are currently hiring a developing agency; how do we use your product?

We will directly contact your agency to help you bring your service to fruition.

Q: How long does it take to implement PCA?

On average, it takes approximately 2 days to enter the testing stage. Providing that there is already a pre-existing system.

Q: What are the minimum requirements and supported Operating Systems? 

 iOS Device Requirements

• iOS 10 and higher 

• iPhone 7 / iPad Air 2 and above 

Android Device Requirements

• Android 7.0 (Nougat) and higher

• RAM 2G 

• Devices released after 2016 is recommended 

PC / Mac Device Requirements 

• Windows 10 / OS X Sierra and higher is recommended 

• CPU Intel i3 and higher 

• RAM 4G 

Supported browsers

• Windows : Chrome 

• Mac : Safari, Chrome 

• iOS : Safari 

• Android : Chrome 

Supported routers 

• IEEE 802.11n/ac and above devices (300Mbps +)

Q: What are the available development environments for PCA? Is an application version available? 

 • All web-based services are compatible. All languages are support and can be used to implement PCA. 

• PCA can be implemented into existing applications (Ex. Seultab). We provide SDK for both iOS and Andriod applications.

Q: What is different between PCA and other online classroom solutions?

Our current service is optimized towards a 1:1 learning environment. We are planning to release a group orientated class service by 2020 Q1. If you interested in group orientated classes, please contact

Q: Are group classes supported?

 • We prioritize a one-path solution. No installation is needed for teachers or students. From registration to participating in classes, everything can be settled within the website. 

• Over the course of 4 years, PCA has been developed just for online education. Every button and feature have been designed to provide the optimal learning environment. - PCA is prepared to provide a solution for all types of connection environments.

Video Call Module

Our Video Call Module can be adjusted by both teachers and students for a more pleasurable experience. Teachers and students can conduct classes by voice only by simply turning off their camera through the UI.

Toolbar Module

Basic writing/annotation tools(pen / highlighter / pointer / eraser) are provided. Also, Zoom-in & out, Redo & undo, and Sub-note feature can be added if you need.

Other features(Chatting, Host feature, Time setting, etc.) can be easily added or removed from your online classroom as needed. Not all the features are essential, as too many features can sometimes be distracting.

Optional Feature Module

Upload documents to annotate and enrich your discussions. All documents will be uploaded immediately if there are 20 pages or less. If there are more than 20 pages, the user can select specific pages to be uploaded.

Content Upload Module

Function to be offered in the first half of 2020

PCA is open to customer suggestions, and continues to develop features that are frequently requested by real customers. The following features will be developed and released within the first half of 2020, and will be announced on this website and the PCA newsletter!

• Co-editing documents (Ex. Google Docs) 

• Extra-large classroom that can host more than 100 users 

• Class recording in the form of a video 

• Screen sharing

PCA is open to customer suggestions, and continues to develop features that are frequently requested by real customers. The following features will be developed and released within the first half of 2020, and will be announced on [] ( and the PCA newsletter!

Online Edu-business

While programs such as Skype are a free solution for video conferencing, they are not optimized for education. When we think about school, a big whiteboard being used to teach and learn comes to mind. This is a result of teachers needing the space to not only tell, but to also show students how things are done.

Educational content business

In terms of business, it is essential to sell educational content. This gave businesses the opportunity to add value to their brand, by offering additional content alongside personalized 1:1 private tutoring sessions.

The online education industry is one where anyone can jump into without any prerequisite. This is because many of us were once a part of the academic system. As a result, we know what to expect from such an experience. All you need to start is a friend who is good at teaching and PCA and you are good to go.

Other Possibilities

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Q: How many classes can be held concurrently?  

PCA can handle 100 + classes without any system related problems.

Unfortunately, we do provide any recommendations for software development agencies. However, if you provide us with the contact information of an agency, we can easily start the PCA implementation process.

Q: Can you recommend me a software development agency? 

Need More Info?Need More Info?

How to implement PCA

0. Receiving your API key pair

1. Access Token

1-1. Token usage

2. Connect-In request

2-1. Connect-In request flowchart

3. Request Replay

4. Webhook Processing

Code example

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